Naiberg Family History

Welcome to the Naiberg Family History website. This site includes research on the following surnames: Naiberg (aka Naiberk, NaĆ¼berg, Neuberg), Zimmerman, Wellner, Lancor (aka Lincourt, Lancour, Lancore), Desorcy, Roshell (aka Rousar), Van Horn, Clinesmith, Hoffman (aka Hoffmann) and Muench (aka Munch).

During the latter part of the 19th Century, areas of Europe, now known as Germany and the Czech Republic were in a state of deep political struggle, war and famine. Unhappy with life in their native countries, many families left their ancestral villages and immigrated to the United States in hopes of finding freedom and prosperity. With very little land available on the east coast for homesteading, they joined the westward movement. Migrating to the Midwest, our ancestors settled and raised their families in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Who were these ancestors of ours? To know them is to better understand who we are. Many were pioneers. They cleared the pine forest covered land of north central Wisconsin, tilled the rich soil of the Iowa prairie and grazed their cattle in the tall grass plains of central Nebraska. In doing so, they forever left their mark on these lands. Join me in discovering who they were. As you browse the pages of this site, place yourself back in their time. Imagine the many privations and hardships that they had to contend with incident to pioneer life.


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